Why I Quit Evernote

After 13 years of being a paid Evernote user, I quit Evernote. I’ll share with you the core reason I left the app in this post.

Why I Stopped Saying You Can't Use Email to Manage Tasks

Why I Stopped Saying You Can’t Use Email to Manage Tasks

For years I’ve been a champion of steering clear of email when you’re trying to manage your tasks. Every time I have witnessed someone using Outlook or Gmail as a to do list, I cringed and did my best to get them to see the light of day and start using an actual task management or to do list application for getting things done instead.

But I’ve since changed my tune.

How We Use Slack

Slack has not only improved the flow of communication throughout the team, it has also improved our overall productivity as well. Slack allows us to focus on using email for other areas of our work. It has also given us one place to look when we need to locate something for our team. Slack has been a game changer for us.

A Look At 3 Great Alternatives To IQTell

If you are using IQTell (or were considering it) here are 3 of the best options I’ve found that can be used as alternatives. None of them will have everything that IQTell offered – and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing – but these options have the ability to scale as well as IQTell did and maintain some of that simplicity that IQTell management itself conceded that their solution did not offer.

How to Take OmniFocus to the Next Level

I had the privilege of reviewing Creating Flow with OmniFocus 2 by Kourosh Dini and I took many positive influences from it. In fact, the mainstay of my current setup is down to the advice and recommendations that are laid out in the book.

I’m going to discuss one aspect of my setup which has been heavily influenced by Creating Flow with OmniFocus 2 and that is Dashboard Perspectives