Time Theming

Why Improving Your Relationship with Time is the Key to Mastering It

I’ve spent years exploring the intricacies of time management. I’ve tried and tested countless techniques and strategies to help people make the most of their days. And what I’ve discovered is that we need to shift our mindset from “managing” time to “mastering” it. The secret lies in improving our relationship with time itself.

I Think Ivy Lee Was Right

The concept of to-do lists has been around for ages. Sure, the way they’ve been constructed over the years has changed but the concept is largely the same: put together a list of things you either need or want to do. Humans haven’t really changed all that much, either. If you’ve ever read How to

How To Be Productive When You're Sick and Tired_banner

How to Be Productive When You’re Sick and Tired

We can’t be running at 100 percent for 100 percent of the time. We need time to rest, recuperate, and recharge.

There will be days when we feel under the weather (or worse). There will be days when we are wiped out from what the world has presented to us. We still have to show up, and, as Steven Pressfield says, “Do the work.” My aim with this piece is to share with you the simple strategy I’ve used (and still use) to stay productive when I’m sick and tired.

My Monthly Theme Report: January 2017

During the month of January, my focus was on Productivityist Coaching. My plan was to take this aspect of Productivityist to the next level. For the most part, the plan was set in motion.

So how did it go? Here’s what I planned to do compared to what actually happened.

Why Theming My Days has Made Me a Better Dad

Theming my days has provided me with the framework to spend more time with my kids and to be a better dad. Here’s how you can make a few small changes to spend more time with your family.