Derivative Works Policy

Note that this page complements the terms found on our terms of use page. In the event of disagreement, whichever terms are more favorable to Productivityist Inc. are to take effect.

Derivative Works (including but not limited to translations) of articles, blog posts or other publicly accessible content on are permitted, provided that:

  1. Content must be translated into a language which is not a variation of English.
  2. All translations MUST include:
  3. The article and derivative works remain the copyright and property of Productivityist Inc.
  4. All derivative works incorporating more than 10% of an article must be requested on an article-by-article basis. Note that this naturally includes all translations and republication of Productivityist articles. There are to be no carte-blanche translations or derivations of Productivityist articles and content.
  5. If a derivative work is to be used for commercial purposes, a licence fee must be paid to Productivityist Inc. – please contact us for further details.
  6. As a corollary of condition #4, quotes of Productivityist content (less than 10% of an article, also known as “content curation”) are permitted without request, provided that a link back to the original article is included. This link must not use rel=nofollow.
  7. Productivityist content and derivative works are not permitted to appear on sites that we deem to be offensive or inappropriate. This is subject to our discretion and may change at any time without prior notice.
  • The URL of the original article as a URL in the article at the top and bottom. This must be linked back to the original article.
  • If possible, you must include our Google Authorship blurb in English or the translated language (you provide the translation), and notify us for authorship. This blurb will contain a link with the anchor text “Productivityist”, linking back to our homepage.
  • You must include a recommendation to either:
    1. subscribe to The Productivityist Newsletter
    2. or like our Facebook page
  • We are flexible as to which you include.
  • All links to must not use rel=nofollow.
  • URLs must not be cloaked or hidden.

This policy does not cover our products, newsletters or premium content. Those items remain copyright Productivityist Inc and may not be adapted for other works.

This policy follows the same terms of dispute, jurisdiction and applicable law as per our Terms of Use.

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