Mike Vardy

Episode 535: Perspective | PM Talks S1:E7

Join Mike Vardy and Patrick Rhone in this episode of the PM Talks series as they delve into the importance of perspective, sharing personal stories and practical insights on how different viewpoints can shape our understanding and interactions.

Episode 443: Robin Hills talks about Resilience

We dive deep into what it really means to be resilient, what it isn’t, where the confusion may lie and how confusion can rear its ugly head. Robin busts some old myths and how emotions are an important factor.

Episode 442: Jon Acuff talks about Finish

In this vault episode, we discuss a sampling of the topics in his book, Finish, which includes planning, prioritizing, and reaching the state of finished no matter what you’re working on.

Episode 437: Britt Frank talks about The Science of Stuck

Britt and Mike discussed dealing with “stuckness”. We also chat about the hidden benefits of staying stuck, Energy Management, and more about her work focusing on empowering people to understand the inner mechanisms of their brains and bodies.