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Like a lot of people (maybe even you), I get plenty of email. This contact form will help any communication that comes from Productivityist get segmented into the right place so my Chief of Staff (Vanessa Tharp) or I can be in the right mindset when responding to our emails.

To be up front, I may not be the one that responds to you. But there will be occasions where you’ll hear from me directly. It all depends on what you put in the form below.

Segmenting the types of email Productivityist receives allows us to deal with what we need to with far less friction. So if you want to get a prompt response from anyone on the Productivityist team, please be as clear and concise as possible when you fill out the form below. And be sure to follow the helpful links below if what you’re looking for is somehow related to them.

See you later,

P.S. Another thing you may want to do before reaching out is checking out my /now page. That page alone will give you some pretty valuable insights as to what I’ve got going on right, well…now.

Finally, before you fill out the contact form PLEASE READ THE 4 POINTS BELOW. Sound good? Good.

  1. I’m no longer accepting unsolicited submissions to the blog. This includes guest posts, sponsored posts, adding or subtracting of links for posts already published, etc. If you were planning on writing to me about that, please don’t as it will not receive a response.
  2. Do you know someone who you think would be a great guest for The Productivityist Podcast? Fill out the contact form and your request will be reviewed. Please note that there are at least eight weeks’ worth of episodes produced in advance and that you’ll only hear back if your guest submission is accepted for the podcast.
  3. I’m not doing app or product reviews any longer. So please do not submit requests for that. Thank you.
  4. Want to book me for a speaking engagement? Make sure to indicate that in the subject line with BOOK MIKE TO SPEAK so that it gets immediate attention.

Thanks for reading everything above. Now… let’s fill out that form, shall we?

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