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I created this page to help me allocate the right amount of time and energy to what I need and want to do. I will update this page regularly as I fine-tune its mandate. I’m striving for better harmony in my life and taking on too much puts the focus I need to work on the above in jeopardy.

I’m also focused on deep work (as described by my friend Cal Newport) going forward, which lines up well with my personal productivity philosophy. I’ll be writing more about this in my weekly ATTN: email. (You can also check out some of my writing over at Medium.)


Here are my Daily Themes. Every day has one so that it triggers my overarching focus for that particular day of the week. My Daily Themes are defined as follows (with my week starting on Sunday), with dates established for those themes in parentheses:

  • SUNDAY: Planning/Family Day (April 2020)
  • MONDAY: Maintenance Day (May 2021)
  • TUESDAY: Training Day (May 2021)
  • WEDNESDAY: Media Day (September 2021)
  • THURSDAY: Training Day (June 2022)
  • FRIDAY: THEMELESS (December 2021)
  • SATURDAY: Family/Planning Day (April 2020)

(Note: Giving a day a theme doesn’t mean I only do things related to that theme on that day, but those activities/types of work receive my overarching focus.)


My Monthly Themes act in the same manner as my Daily Themes. Some months I’ll have what I call a “hybrid” Monthly Theme, named as such because the theme will apply to both my personal and professional life.

This month, like last month, is an example of a hybrid themed month. I’m giving my overarching focus — both personally and professionally— to Money Management. I’m working more intently inside of YNAB (You Need a Budget) over this month (just like I did in July) to improve my relationship with money. I’m a fan of the YNAB approach and have also interviewed Jesse Mecham for A Productive Conversation with Mike Vardy to discuss the commonalities between time and money. You can listen to that episode here. If you’d like to give YNAB a look then you can use my affiliate link here.


After using Chris Brogan’s “3 Words” approach to the new year for the past several years, I’m shifting to something I’ve developed for TimeCrafting: The Annual Axiom.

Essentially, it’s a phrase or mantra that represents my aim in all facets of my life for the next twelve months. I liken to what sports teams use in their locker rooms every season to help them strive to be the best they can be, game in and game out.

My Annual Axiom for the next twelve months is an initialism for the following phrase: Whatever it takes, no matter what. (I’ve shortened it to WIT NMW.) The concept behind it is that whatever I commit to doing, I’ll approach it with a “whatever it takes, no matter what” mentality.


I have episodes booked through to January 2023 for A Productive Conversation with Mike Vardy and I will not be conducting further interviews for the show until late 2022. If you are looking to be on the podcast, please know that even if you are interviewed in the later part of 2022 that your episode won’t likely air until a couple of months into the 2023 calendar year.


I am not currently reviewing any products (apps, books, etc.) other than those I’ve already committed to reviewing.


I am always willing to look at in-person and virtual speaking engagements – both keynote talks and workshops. Check out my speaking page to learn more.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers.

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