If you’re looking to book Mike for an event, he is available for talks that revolve around productivity and balance. He is also available for panel discussions, workshops, and sessions that deal with how to improve productivity practices and — simply put — help you get more of the stuff that you want to do…done. Want to book Mike for your next private event or conference? Contact us here or email Anne directly at anne@mikevardy.com for availability and speaking fees.

TEDx Victoria 2013

In this TEDx talk, Mike suggests that by focusing on task over time you can make the clock work for you rather than feel like it is working against you.

creativeLIVE – Time Management 101

In this clip from his creativeLIVE workshop, Mike emphasizes the importance of understanding your personal body clock.

“Mike speaks with an authority and honesty that rarely is seen together on stage. He knows his topics so well, because he lives them. With a smile on his face and knowledge in his heart, he is sure to leave any audience he takes the stage in front of inspired and craving more. ” — C.C. Chapman, author of Amazing Things Will Happen and co-author of Content Rules

Current Talks

Here are the talks Mike is focusing on right now. For customized keynote presentations, please contact us.

How to Create a Personal Productivity Portfolio that Works for You

In this talk, Mike Vardy explains how to create a personal productivity “portfolio” that can help you define your days, funnel your focus, and make every moment matter.

Some of the key takeaways include:

  • You’ll find out what the definition of personal productivity really is and how to use that to your advantage over the long term.
  • You’ll learn how to use the clock and the calendar in a way that lets you run your days instead of your days running you.
  • You’ll understand how to craft your best days, weeks, months, and beyond with a proven approach that is simple, flexible, and durable.
  • You’ll discover the one thing you need to do regularly so that you can ultimately do more of what you want to do in life.

The time investment strategies introduced in this informative and entertaining talk can be used in whole or in part to craft your time – no matter what tools you use to manage your to do list or what stage you are in your life.

The Annual Alignment: How to Map Out the Year You Want

In this actionable talk, productivity strategist Mike Vardy will teach practical and tactical ways to map out the year you want. Whether you are someone who uses digital “apps” or prides themselves in using paper and pen as the primary time management tools, you’ll leave this talk with a map for the months ahead that will allow you to move forward with your professional and personal life in a flexible, frictionless, and fun way.

The True Speed of Time Management

The world is moving at a breakneck pace. We are inundated with information 24/7 and are expected to deliver the goods at both and home while digesting everything that comes our way. It’s a challenge for us to keep up with everything we need to do let alone get ahead so we can spend time on the things we want to do.

In this presentation by productivity strategist Mike Vardy you will learn the one simple thing he did over a decade ago that empowered him to run his days instead of letting his days run him. Whether you prefer to use digital tools or are inclined to use a good old-fashioned pen and paper to manage your time, what Mike will share with you – as he has with clients and audiences working in many disciplines around the world – will help you make every moment matter.

“Mike was selected to deliver a breakout session for our 2014 conference. The attendees scored his session High Average to Excellence and his mean score out of 30 was 25.14. As the conference speaker manager it was a pleasure working with Mike through the entire process. He was very professional and met our deadlines and was actively engaged in build up to conference. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike for any consulting or presenting work” – Quinne Davey, CPHR BC & Yukon

Current Workshops

Here are the workshops Mike is focusing on right now. For customized workshops, please contact us.

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Personal Productivity

In this workshop, Mike will share strategies he uses and teaches that will help you feel less overwhelmed and be more productive. Some of the key takeaways include:

  • How to use the clock and the calendar in a way that works for you both in the short and long term.
  • How to craft your best days, weeks, and months with a proven approach that is simple, flexible, and durable.
  • How to look at your to do list through different lenses, helping you prioritize what you need and want to do in a way that makes sense.
  • How to get important tasks done without missing a beat with the urgent tasks on your to-do list.
  • How to create boundaries that can benefit you when you’re new to a working from home situation, either by choice or by force.

Whether you’re a digital or analog-minded person you’ll leave this workshop with at least 5 things you can do now to improve your personal productivity and time management, helping you move the right things forward at the right time.

How to Craft Your Time and Productivity Processes for Sustainable Success

In this extensive workshop, Mike will teach you how to craft your time with a proven approach that is simple, flexible, and durable allowing you to feel less overwhelm and more productive on a daily basis.

Here’s what attendees will learn:

  • Whether working with analog or digital tools, you’ll discover how to adopt a personal productivity framework that works for you.
  • How to free your mind from storing so you can spend more time in deep and critical thought.
  • How to use the clock and the calendar in a way that works for you both in the short and long term.
  • How to handle email in a way that works for you and those you work with – and why you need to do this sooner rather than later.
  • How to set up “invisible” productivity building blocks so that you can build a more “invincible” you.
  • How to look back on your time and course correct so you can move forward in the *right* direction.

At the end of this interactive workshop, you’ll have an actionable framework that will help carry you forward when you head back to your day-to-day life.

“Mike Vardy is certainly one of the best speakers I’ve worked with, and I’ve worked with hundreds for various educational events I have had the privilege of organizing, or helping to organize. Because Mike and I share the same hometown, I have been able to watch as Mike’s career evolved. And I must say that it’s certainly no surprise to me that he is now such an in-demand speaker for educational conferences across North America. This is the kind of experience people have when listening to Mike Vardy… you feel as though you are being entertained, you laugh, you smile, you nod in agreement. Essentially, you are on the edge of your seat as Mike winds his way through his presentation in this entertaining fashion. Then, suddenly, you have an “a ha” moment. By the end, you have been challenged to think outside your comfortable box, you have learned something new, and you are inspired. It’s an incredible style of speaking, and very uniquely Mike Vardy.” – Paul Holmes, Co-founder, Social Media Camp

Past Speaking Engagements

“Mike’s talk was very well received by the audience and received lots of positive feedback. Mike is not only a subject matter expert but he delivers the content in an energetic, humour laden way that keeps the audience interested and attentive.” – Chris Burdge, Founder of SOHO Summit

Ready to book Mike for your next private event or conference? Contact us here or email Anne directly at anne@mikevardy.com for availability and speaking fees.

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