My Favorite Weekly Email Digests

I’m a big fan of well-written and value-packed weekly email digests.

There are some emails I get from online sources but I tend to use RSS for those. It’s those weekly email digests where I can, well, digest a bunch of valuable information and insights all at once that I really appreciate.

What I’ve done for you is assemble my favorites. I’ve linked to the signup pages for each of them so that you can either go to them directly from here now and add them to your weekly email digest rotation straight away.

Before you start subscribing to newsletters and digests, you should be intentional about what email inbox you want them to land in. I have an email address specifically for email newsletters. If you don’t want to have another email address then I encourage you to check out the following service that I use…


Mailbrew is a service that once I was introduced to it – by its founder, no less – I became a paid subscriber for the service straight away.

It delivers posts from my favorite blogs (some of which you’ll see mentioned below) and I can customize the frequency of receiving them, the categories that they fall into, and so much more. I can even give email newsletters to my Mailbrew email address so that they automatically get added to my Mailbrew digests in whatever category I choose.

I’ve been waiting for a service like this to come along for a long time and I’m glad that it finally did. I’ve only scratched the surface of what Mailbrew can do and I encourage you to check out Mailbrew (affiliate link). I consider it to be one of the most productive ways that I can read the things I want to read online.

Now… on to the list!


This one is my favorite because it is short and offers content from Austin himself and a ton of links to other things he’s found that resonate with him. Highly recommended. [Subscribe Here]


This newsletter is definitely food for my brain and by the time I’m done reading it, my brain is full. And not full of bad stuff. I’m talking about the really, really good stuff. [Subscribe Here]


Cal Newport is one smart guy. He’s the author of several books, including So Good They Can’t Ignore You and Deep Work. You can sign up in the sidebar of his blog to receive his emails. [Subscribe Here]


If you’re looking for a weekly digest filled with “interestingness” then The Marginalian is one you’ll want to add to your list. It’s writing that is definitely worth your time and attention. [Subscribe Here]


James is a writer I’ve admired for a long time. He dives deep into his subject matter and knocks it out of the park with his work. His writing is thoughtful and inspiring; his emails are no exception. [Subscribe Here]


I’m a big fan of Ryan Holiday‘s writing. I may not read these emails every single day but I do receive them and give myself a chance to read them once per week at minimum. [Subscribe Here]

Thanks again for subscribing. My intention is to make sure that my weekly email makes your top list of favorite weekly email digests right out of the gate.

If you have any feedback on ATTN: or just have other weekly digest newsletters that you’d like me to check out, email me at I may not be able to respond to you quickly, but I will get back to you.

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