Your Week Ahead (Perhaps)

Explore the week as a journey through relentless pursuit, resilience, rest, and reflection. Learn how to balance these crucial elements to not only achieve your goals but to thrive in all aspects of life. This post guides you through each day, showing you how to navigate challenges and maximize your potential through a thoughtful blend of action and contemplation.

Episode 518: Nuance | PM Talks S1:E3

Dive into our latest PM Talks episode with Patrick Rhone, where we explore the significance of nuance in productivity and creativity. From the evolution of language to personal stories of art and encounters with celebrities, this episode is a rich tapestry of insights on living a more nuanced, thoughtful life.

Episode 509: (Mostly) Paper Planners | PM Talks S1:E1

Join me, Mike Vardy, and Patrick Rhone as we delve into the world of paper planners and share our journey towards productivity and mindfulness in the first of our monthly podcast series that we’ve called PM Talks.