How to “Do” Family Day Better

I suppose having a holiday like Family Day brings greater awareness to the above quote. In the “hecticity” of life, there’s a risk we lose sight of what’s really important – family – no matter how we define it.

I think that’s why I celebrate one family day every single week of the year.

Episode 409: Luke Burgis talks about Wanting, Journaling, and Fulfillment

As the author of “Wanting: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life,” Luke has spent plenty of time and energy researching the power of desire. I absolutely loved getting into the book and wanted to spend some time getting into the nuts and bolts with Luke about why “wanting” has so much power… and what to do with that power.

The Power of Bit by Bit Productivity

The best kind of progress isn’t always what happens when you swing for the fences. Slow progress. Steady progress. Bit by bit productivity.

That’s not only something that is valuable to consider… it’s something that is sustainable.