Episode 486: Marc Lesser Talks About Finding Clarity

Dive into this enriching conversation with Marc Lesser, exploring the intersection of business acumen and Zen teachings. Marc decodes the nuanced concept of clarity, shares unconventional strategies for growth, and discusses the empowering idea of turning breakdowns into breakthroughs. Drawing on his experience as a CEO and a Zen teacher, Marc offers a fresh take on leadership, ego, and mindfulness. Tune in to uncover the transformative approach to leadership and personal growth.

Episode 480: Thanh Pham talks about His Productivity Journey (Part 2)

Join Mike Vardy and Thanh Pham of Asian Efficiency in the second part of “A Productive Conversation,” where they delve into the topics of time management, the utility value of money, AI’s impact on productivity, and the art of prioritization. Gain valuable insights and practical tips to enhance your productivity and make the most of your time in this engaging and informative episode.

How to Start Pacing Your Productivity

By pacing your productivity, you’ll be able to more accurately measure your productivity. And how you pace your productivity can come in several forms.