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Episode 522: Failure | PM Talks S1:E4

Dive into PM Talks with Patrick Rhone as we explore the nuanced relationship between failure, choice, and the growth that follows in our latest episode.

Episode 514: Choices | PM Talks S1:E2

Join me and Patrick Rhone in a captivating episode as we explore happiness, contentment, and the power of personal choices. Dive into the heart of minimalism, goal setting, and intentional living.

49 Life Lessons In 49 Years Of Living

This piece was published on my 49th birthday.

It’s been a journey full of wisdom, growth, challenges, triumphs, and countless precious moments. To mark this significant milestone, I want to share 49 lessons I’ve gathered from my 49 years of life. Each of these lessons has played an instrumental role in shaping who I am today.

Episode 472: The Evolution of Getting Things Done with David Allen

David Allen joins us in this vault episode to delve deeper into the GTD methodology and how it has evolved since its inception in 2001. While there were some technical difficulties during our conversation, this episode is still a must-listen for anyone looking to streamline their productivity.

Episode 471 – Richard Medcalf talks about XQuadrant

In this episode, we talk about his book, where we covered a lot of interesting topics. We started by exploring the idea of firefighting, and how it can prevent us from making time for strategy. We also delved into the phrasing we use when trying to free ourselves from obligations and the difference between obligations and commitments.

Episode 470 – Mike Rucker talks about The Fun Habit

Mike Rucker and I discuss his latest book, The Fun Habit, which is a wonderful read. I love the two words in the title: fun and habit. In our conversation, we explore how pursuing joy and wonder can change your life, and how these words are interchangeable.