How to Do a Weekly Review in Todoist

“David Allen says that if you are not doing your weekly review, you are not doing GTD.” – Leo Babauta, Zen Habits Even though Leo Babauta (like me) doesn’t dive into GTD all that much anymore, he does offer the above quote that is incredibly valuable when it comes to adopting the systematic approach to […]

A Brief Guide to Labels in Todoist

Todoist has been my task manager of choice for a few months now, and while I still find that I’m missing some features that would make it even better (URL schemes, Start Dates, etc.), I still find that it has a lot to offer that many task managers out there don’t. But perhaps the thing that I’ve found most appealing is the ability to use multiple labels for a task.

Why I Switched To Todoist

In recent weeks I’ve made a shift in my Productivity Path. While I still love what The Omni Group is doing with OmniFocus, I am using another application for my task management these days. Actually, I’m using two. For the past six weeks, I’ve been using Asana for my larger team-oriented tasks and projects and