Your Week Ahead (Perhaps)

Explore the week as a journey through relentless pursuit, resilience, rest, and reflection. Learn how to balance these crucial elements to not only achieve your goals but to thrive in all aspects of life. This post guides you through each day, showing you how to navigate challenges and maximize your potential through a thoughtful blend of action and contemplation.

Why Improving Your Relationship with Time is the Key to Mastering It

I’ve spent years exploring the intricacies of time management. I’ve tried and tested countless techniques and strategies to help people make the most of their days. And what I’ve discovered is that we need to shift our mindset from “managing” time to “mastering” it. The secret lies in improving our relationship with time itself.

2022: My “Year” in Review

New Year’s Day hits different for me, not just in 2022. Mainly because it hits me on a different day altogether. For many years now, I’ve followed the school year that my kids follow as my yearly markers. So September 1st is when I officially start my year, affectionately known as my NOW Year (an