The Tides Of Time

Explore the diverse landscapes of time management through the lenses of Chronos, Kairos, Linear, and Cyclical time. Learn how balancing these perspectives can enhance your productivity, creativity, and overall wellbeing. Dive into the nuances of each time type and discover how to navigate life’s temporal waves with greater purpose and satisfaction.

2023: My Year in Preview

I’m cheating a bit with this. Why? Because I’ve already started my 2023. In fact, I’m a full three months in as I write this. You see,  I mirror my year with my kids’ school year. That means that I start in September and end it in August. And I typically slow down for July

2022: My “Year” in Review

New Year’s Day hits different for me, not just in 2022. Mainly because it hits me on a different day altogether. For many years now, I’ve followed the school year that my kids follow as my yearly markers. So September 1st is when I officially start my year, affectionately known as my NOW Year (an