All I Want

There’s not much that I need or even want in the way of material things.
I’m pretty happy with all I’ve got now and the last year has brought me so much that Christmas just seems like a bonus for me – I get to see my kids every day with my new work arrangement but on the 25th I’ll get to see my kids in full-blown glory mode.

That’s enough of a gift right there.

But I did say that there isn’t much that I want. So, I’m going to offer my “wants” here for all to see and then once all of the gifts are opened I’ll compare notes and update the list accordingly.

My “Want” List

  • A Paddywax candle – Thoreau edition.
  • An orange or black medium-sized Andy Dalton jersey.
  • iTunes Store gift cards so I can buy the following apps: Day OneNebulous Notes, and YNAB.
  • A Cincinnati Bengals mini-helmet.
  • The ability to play a stronger game of online poker so I could conquer in any language.
  • Some Fat Tug IPA from Driftwood Brewery.
  • App Store gift cards so I can buy the following apps: MarkedPiezo, and the aforementioned Day One.
  • A mainstream IMAX theatre in my city that runs first-run features and not just nature-based films.1
  • Some Rocky Mountain Soap Company soap and bath salts.
  • An actual Green Lantern ring, powered or not.
  • This razor and this product to use it with.
  • A USB thumb drive larger than 2 GB. (Because I don’t have one bigger than 1 GB.)
  • At least one bottle of red wine to help me ease into the slow-carb diet my family begins next week, because Tim Ferriss says red wine is fine.
  • A Levenger lap desk like this one.
  • A new popcorn maker for the occasional cheat day on the new diet.
  • Another pair of FiveFingers — but this time in the classic style.2
  • The wherewithal to capture as much of this year’s edition of December 25 as possible on camera.

Yep. That’s about it.

That is, unless you count this “want”…

I want a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday for you and yours. Enjoy the next couple of days while they last, because they only come once a year — and the moments this year won’t repeat in years to follow.

1Turns out that wish was answered earlier this month.
2Scratch that. Apparently Vibram USA sopports SOPA (the act that threatens to cripple the Internet).