I think about words a lot. As a writer, this really shouldn’t come as surprise to most. But when I think about words, I think about more than just their general definition. I think about what they mean when coming from the person that’s delivering them.
Take the word “almost”, for example.

Almost coming from someone who is on top of their “stuff” may mean that almost is just around the corner, which is closer to the actual meaning of the word. Yet if someone who doesn’t have their proverbial house in order that uses almost, it will likely mean that you’re going to be waiting longer than what the actual definition implies. The meaning of almost is as subjective as simplicity is — it means something different to every one of us.

When you put some sort of productivity system in place, everything becomes clearer. Your mind, your work, your play, and what you mean when you use words like almost. Setting something like that up takes work — but once that work is done and you begin practicing your system, then you’re almost there.

What that “almost” really means can only be defined by you.