Asana + Pop

I wrote about some adjustments I’ve made to my Asana workflow last week, and this week on Mikes on Mics we touched on the app that our guest Patrick Rhone had a hand in, Pop. And while I’ve known how I planned to use Asana from the onset, I wasn’t entirely sure how I’d fit Pop into my workflow.

Then it dawned on me. And once it did, I started using Pop to quickly capture stuff and then I would copy them into Asana later on.

Pop opens up quickly, allowing me to capture things as they come to me. I capture each item on a line-by-line basis, and when I’m ready to move them to Asana for management, I simply open the iOS app and add them task by task.1

Why do I do this?

Even though Pop doesn’t sync and Asana does, it still comes down to that one factor: Pop is fast. Asana on iOS isn’t.

Using Pop for Asana allows me to have an alternative to using the email option for ideas and tasks that come up during the day. I’ll still use the email option I’ve been using when I have to grab something from my inbox and put it into Asana, but Pop will let me do everything else.

So that’s how I’ve started to use Pop, which might lead to more use down the road. It may very well be able to act as my alternative to what I’m currently using to capture my thoughts, ideas and plans.

You know…paper.

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Photo credit: Leo Reynolds (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

1 Although if you want to add your list of things you’ve captured in Pop and have it break down into individual tasks (which can only be done on a computer, as I mentioned in this my “30 Days With Asana” Lifehack piece), you’ll have to copy the contents in Pop to a text editor that syncs to your computer. Then you can make it happen…if you want.