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Thank you for asking to receive emails sharing early access to the progress on my book and other special announcements/offerings. I appreciate it.

Austin Kleon writes about the importance of “showing your work” and I intend to do just that as I write my first traditionally published book in seven years between now and Summer 2020. (That may seem like a long time. It really isn’t.)

Again, I won’t just be sharing book progress updates, either. I’ll be sharing my ideas, insights, and other bits of time management and personal productivity information along the way.

I’m glad you’ll be joining me on this journey. Now…time for me to get to work!

See you later,

P.S. You can already preorder the book from Amazon if you want. Just click here to preorder it and then send your order confirmation details to hello [at] productivityist [dot] com with the subject line TC BOOK PREORDER so that you’ll get any of the preorder bonuses we’ll be putting together.

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