Welcome to The Task/Project Initiative.

This initiative has been a long time coming. And I’m starting it here… with you.

The Task/Project Initiative (or The T/P Initiative for short) is a series of ongoing emails designed to help you identify the distinction between a task and a project.

Does it seem odd that I’m pursuing this? Surely, the difference between a task and a project is clear… right?

Not so much.

In my work with clients – both virtually and in-person – I’ve seen items on daily to do lists that are bigger than tasks. They’re projects. This keeps happening. And I want to help it stop.

Here’s the thing: There’s no easy solution to this.

It’s going to take work to figure out what works for you – how granular you need to go with tasks, what projects have become so ingrained for you that you don’t need to break them down as much, and so on.

It’s nuanced. It’s personal. (Just like productivity.)

An initiative is defined as “an act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation; a fresh approach to something.”

That’s what I feel is needed to help you make your tasks more manageable and your to do list more doable.

The Task/Project Initiative isn’t mentioned in any of my books. It’s not even part of TimeCrafting Trust (yet). It’s starting here… with you.

Watch your inbox for more very soon. I’m looking forward to getting this initiative underway.

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