Building a Thing to Build a Bigger Thing

After a very busy week, Craig Jarrow and I had a couple of discussions. One of them took place Friday night, where we talked about the week gone by and even more about the weeks ahead.
The funny thing about this talk was that it felt freeing — perhaps even more freeing than our most recent conversations that we had as we were preparing to launch our first collaborative project together. I wouldn’t say the tone was one of relief, rather it was one of accomplishment. We spent the last few months building a thing that serves to build a bigger thing for as many people as we can reach. What we built wasn’t just our own — we had a lot of help and continue to have help — but we built the concept of the thing. And we aren’t just proud of that…we’re proud that we were able to deliver it.

The other conversation Craig and I had was on this week’s episode of Mikes on Mics, where we discussed with Mr. Schechter exactly how the thing came to be and what we used to build it. The tolls we used, the thought processes behind the thing, and a whole lot more. You can listen to Episode 46 of Mikes on Mics here.

Oh, and the thing the we built is called Kickstart the Year. And the thing that is bigger than Kickstart the Year? The upcoming year that anyone who buys it will have.