Dropbox, Meet Asana

This week Asana and Dropbox got together and made something really awesome. Or rather, they shared something really awesome.
While Dropbox has been a saving grace for myself and other productivityists out there, by partnering up with Asana both services have become even more useful than before. The integration of Dropbox within Asana now allows for the following:

  • Asana gives context and priority to work on your Dropbox files: This means assigning and prioritizing of files is now possible — and you can even comment on them. This is great when working on a file collaboratively so that everyone can stay in the loop.
  • You can manage your files from a single location: As with Asana Inbox, you can deal with these files (which are essentially attachments) all from within Asana. Very cool, and very efficient.
  • Your attached files are always up to date: Because everything is integrated inside Asana, everything is up to date. File and task association is now easier than ever thanks to this partnership.

You can read more about this partnership over at the Asana blog. And kudos to both the teams at Asana and Dropbox for growing two services in efficiency and effectiveness in one fell swoop.

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