Duly Sketchnoted

It turns out I’m a “sketchnoter” after all.
After listening to the Mac Power Users episode with Mike Rohde, author of The Sketchnote Handbook, I realized that I have been making sketchnotes for some time. Looking in my old Field Notes notebook as I transferred everything to OmniFocus, reviewing my Maruman notebook as I began using it again, I noticed that I tend to write out my notes in different shapes, cases, and sizes of lettering in order to draw my eye to the really important stuff. Taking notes that way not only makes certain things stand out, but it makes notetaking a fun exercise.

I highly recommend you listen to the MPU episode mentioned above (as well the episode of Brett Terpstra’s Systematic where Rohde makes an appearance as well), and give this method of notetaking a try. I’m a big fan of paper – especially the ones found in notebooks – and Rohde has assembled an excellent book that is well worth picking up. I’m only beginning to go through the pages, and I’m already embracing the sketchnoter that I apparently always was.