Dyscultured 160: My Spectrum is THIS Big!!!

I made my return to Dyscultured this week. And I’m glad I’m back with the gang. Below is a sample of the words that came out of our mouths during the episode:

“How did you guys get hired? Whose *EXPLETIVE REDACTED* cousin are you?” – Shane on RIM’s 2012 BlackBerry smartphones.

“They’ve tried to make Doctor Who films before…and they’ve all sucked.” – Anth on the new Doctor Who big screen film that’s in the works.

“Mike Vardy, The Apple Apologist.” – Andrew on me defending/spinning/discussing the decline in demand for the iPad.

“See you next week.” – Me, talking to you, my dear reader.


You can listen to the entire episode at the Dyscultured website, subscribe to the podcast in iTunes here or subscribe to the feed so you can use anything other than iTunes here.

It’s an hour of irreverence that delivers the goods.