Enough – AsanaVaGun

I returned to the fantastic 70Decibels podcast known as Enough (starring Patrick Rhone and Myke Hurley) this week to talk about my recent shift to Asana as my task manager of choice, and then we see how far the three of us can go down the rabbit hole known as productivity apps.

We also chat a bit about Clear, the much-talked about (and praised) list manager app that launched just last week.

By the way, if someone can build what Patrick talks about…I’m in.

You can listen to all of the podcasting goodness over at the 70Decibels website. While you’re there you should give some of the other shows there a listen (or subscribe) as well, such as Cooking with Brett and Myke (not about cooking, per se) and Ungeniused (offering some genius stuff, actually), featuring Brett Kelly and Stephen Hackett as co-hosts with Myke, respectively.

Oh, and toss a donation while you’re there too. Myke and the whole crew do fantastic work and every little bit helps make each show better.

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