Thanks for joining me on Eureka!

Thanks for joining me on Eureka!

I really enjoyed being on the show and wanted to share this page with you so you can learn more about how I can help you move things forward!

Here are 3 things you can do starting today that will move you forward in ways that really matter:

  1. Start a journaling habit (what I call The Daily Log) today. You can do it in Evernote (multi-platform), Day One (Mac/iOS), Journey (Android), or on paper. But start today! Here are the reasons I journal every single day.
  2. Check out my blog post on choosing My 3 Words for 2017 and use it as fuel to come up with your own Three Words for the months ahead.
  3. Grab The Daily Driver for FREE below to help you live your days with less overwhelm and allow you give more attention to your daily intentions. (No email opt-in required.)

Thanks again for joining me on the podcast…and thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll join me here in the future.

Now here’s that freebie: the latest version of my daily planning tool, The Daily Driver. Enjoy!

– Mike Vardy

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