First off, I’d like to thank everyone who turned up or messaged me during my book event at Chapters Victoria last week. It was really cool to be in a massive brick and mortar bookstore with several copies of The Front Nine newsletter to sign for those wanting to pick it up.

Secondly, thanks to all who have bought The Productivityist Workbook so far. I’m closing in on 800 sold in a little over two weeks of pre-sales/sales(!) — and I’m floored with the response I’ve been getting. Cody Keisler is putting the finishing touches on the Amazon and iBooks version. I’ll let you know when those versions launch. (Anyone who buys the eWorkbook in its PDF format prior to these other versions being ready will automatically receive them for free when they go live.)

Finally, I’ve got events lined up every week between now and mid-July, so the writing here will be no more than twice per week during that timeframe. I’ve got several ProTECHtivity workshops with Steve Dotto (and friends) that I’ll be part of, and I’m speaking at Northern Voice in Vancouver and the all-new VoxPopCon event in Hamilton, Ontario to wrap up my six weeks of busy-ness. You can check out all of my event appearances on the Events page — and sign up for several of them through the links provided for each.

One more thing: Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canucks — I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. Now go forward and have a productive week!