Fifteen Days

It’s been fifteen days since I posted something here. Fifteen days have come and gone, with a ton of things coming toward me and needing processing.

I’m at the point now where I can put some of these things into words, but here’s what I’m not going to touch on too much this time around with the intent of expanding upon them before the week is out:

The World Domination Summit: 2013 Edition

I’ve got a lot on my mind about this year’s WDS, and I’m going to get it out there soon enough. But it’s going to be a big brain dump, so I’m going to let it sit another day or two before unleashing it.


VoxPopCon was a great event — and one where I delivered my most personal talk to date. It warrants more thought as well, so I’ll give it the time it needs before writing about it in detail.

Now here’s what I am going to touch on a bit more…

The travel that was part of the fifteen days was something I both enjoyed and made some realizations about. I know now that being away from my family for nearly two weeks isn’t something I want to do again — it’s just too much time to be apart from those I love the most. If there are any visual touchstones that help me be at my best more than any other, it’s my family. I’m not naive enough to know that being apart from them for a lengthy period isn’t possible, I just want to find a better way when (or if) that possibility arises.

Being away from things also gave me time to review some things. I spent some time culling OmniFocus (using both of Kourosh Dini’s books to help inform my choices and Asian Efficiency’s OmniFocus Premium Posts to help fine tune things as well). I spent some time revamping my Evernote setup (with a big assist from Brett Kelly’s Evernote Essentials). I started to look at my other tools that I use in my workflow and did some housekeeping, and got rid of those that are no longer part of my productivity toolbox.1

During these past fifteen days I sketchnoted more. I made new friends and I reconnected with old friends. I met some impressive and inspiring people. I had fun. I did some much needed work around the house. I wore my contact lenses more often.

And I made some decisions, some big and some small.

One of the decisions I made — along with Michael Schechter — was to leave as partner. I want to focus more on this site — and my work surrounding it — and I felt that by continuing on at Workflowing that something was going to suffer. Workflowing is a passion project for Schechter — as it turns out it was not for me. I definitely can see its potential, but I can also see the potential in a lot of what I’m pursuing. Ultimately — once again — something had to give. I’ll still support the site (and may even contribute to it from time to time), but as of today it’s all Schechter’s. And I’m cool with that because I know he’ll make it work — and work better.

One of the small decisions I made was to make my first post here in fifteen days a bit of a “triage” post. The next post will dive deeper into the subject matter rather than simply scratch the surface. After all, I’m a productivity enthusiast, and I like doing those deep dives.

That said, in the past fifteen days I’ve found even more things to be enthusiastic about. I look forward to sharing some of those with you as well.

1 I’ll be sharing what formerly-used/examined apps got kicked to the curb in an upcoming post.

Photo credit: ortonesque (via SXC.HU)