Fire is pretty dangerous. Screw that, fire is incredibly dangerous. It deserves your respect. It deserves to be treated with respect because it can change lives in mere seconds.

And it certainly changed the lives of the Vardy family yesterday.

That’s because yesterday I battled a small kitchen fire in our house. Luckily, no one was seriously injured but there was some damage to the kitchen – and to my hand. I sustained second-degree burns on my right hand but it looks as if it will recover with time.

(That said, I’m left-handed. Luck was really on my side.)

It’s days like these that remind me what’s really important. The fact that my daughter, Grace, is a hero for screaming “Fire!” and then getting her and her brother out of the house as quickly as possible. The fact that I was able to put out the fire before it spread too far, keeping it from the point that it would have possibly destroyed our home. The fact that we made the best of what could’ve been a really, really bad situation.

As a result, the review of Postbox is not going to be ready as soon as I would like. Email responses aren’t going to be as timely as we work through the healing process of fixing our home and coping with my hand injury. And I’m probably going to use a variety of different methods to blog over the next little while my right hand gets better. Methods like using paper, scanning it, and posting it on my blog. Methods like using applications on my iPad and then transferring them to the blog. Methods like speech-to-text applications. Perhaps I’ll even use video.

But the bottom line is this: I didn’t let that fire beat me at the time, and I’m not going to let it beat me anytime soon.

That’s because I’m a fighter and a writer. As the say, a fighter fights…and, more importantly in this case, a writer writes.

So while there was a small fire inside our kitchen yesterday that has since been put out, there is still a bigger fire that burns inside of me.

And nothing is going to put out that fire. No way. No how.

Photo credit: The Mechanical Turk (CC BY 2.0)