Three never seems like enough, does it? Even if they are the three most important things you could be making progress in, when you examine your list at day’s end…you still have a sense that you didn’t do enough.
That’s why we get sucked back into checking off more of the lesser stuff.

So don’t get stuck on the number three. Instead, shoot for five.

Five is more, but not too much. Five is reasonable. Five is closer for many to be that “just right” number – more so than three.

Three is great, but so is five. As long as those numbers aren’t empty, they are productive. Better to do five great things and two less great things than have it tally the other way around.

Do not pass five. Five is that fine line between thriving and surviving.

If you can’t do three, do five. And make that whatever adds up to either number is worthwhile. Otherwise, you’re not really being productive – you’re simply counting checkmarks.