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Been trying to figure out what to get that particular person that’s on your list who is difficult to shop for each and every year? Well, if this person is into personal productivity and time management — or at least needs to look at becoming more productive with their time — then you should give this guide a good look. It’s a long read, but it may just spark some gift ideas you hadn’t considered.

Before you start, I’ll tell you that many of the links are affiliate links (I have written that I use them in a blanket statement over at the Start Here page, but the sheer number of them here compelled me to mention it here as well). Also, I’ve not listed pricing as it can vary from country to country. If you visit the corresponding links, you’ll get a good idea of what it will cost you where you are — and shipping (where warranted) can be better calculated as well.

Without further delay, here is your one-stop shopping list for the person who wants or needs more productivity in their life.

NeuYear Wall Calendar

Still my analog calendar of choice. It’s taken my game to a whole new level, and anyone who gives the NeuYear Calendar a try will see that having a bird’s eye view of their year really is a game-changer. I wouldn’t be nearly as ready for the year ahead if I didn’t have this valuable tool in my arsenal.

Baron Fig Products

I love everything made by Baron Fig. They make products that are truly phenomenal. I own plenty of their Squire pens, tons of their various notebooks, and use their cards for writing and their backpack to carry around everything I need. If you’ve got someone on your gift list who loves great analog tools (and more) check out what Baron Fig has to offer.


The coffee device for productivityists – especially for those who like to ritualize the experience. I use my AeroPress (almost) every day and it makes a great cup time and time again. And with the ABLE metal filter that I’ve now added to the mix, I’m being more environmentally conscious to boot.

Patrick Rhone’s Books

Patrick has written several books, and all of them are fantastic. I think whether you pick up Keeping it Straightenough, or What We Believe In, you’ll be doing the recipient of the gift a huge favour. They’ll be getting some great work – and thoughts – in each and every one of those books. Highly recommended.


If you’re trying to save time and you don’t have this time-saving superstar app from Smile, then you’re missing out. It’s grown in leaps and bounds over the years and is available for a wide variety of platforms. (You can save some cash when you use this link; just scroll down to say you heard it from me – the host of The Productivityist Podcast – and you’ll be on your way.)


If I’m not using paper to capture my stuff, I’m using Drafts. I’ve written about my love for this app plenty gf times, and any productivityist (or writer) not using it on their iPhone or iPad is really missing out. A no-brainer for the productivityist who has gone all-in on iOS. (Plus it now works on the Mac as well!)

The Authentic Swing

Steven Pressfield hit a hole in one with his latest book. I’ve reviewed it here and you can (and should) buy it here.

Day One

My journaling app of choice. I’ve written about my journaling habit here and Day One is where I keep my primary journal, with a paper journal coming into play on rare (yet meaningful) occasions. Day One is available for the Mac and iOS  — and it’s well worth the price to grab both so that you can journal anytime and anywhere.


If you want to read quickly and still be well read, then Blinkist is for you. Blinkist takes business books and distills them down to their bare essence, all without leaving out any of the integral messaging the books offer. I’ve been able to “read” more this year thanks to Blinkist, and if you have a voracious reader on your gift list, then you can’t go wrong with Blinkist.


2014 marked the arrival of Harry’s in Canada, and I couldn’t have been happier when I finally received my first order. I haven’t left the house to buy razors in two years (Dollar Shave Club was my source up until this year), and with Harry’s I don’t need to put shaving cream or aftershave on the grocery list, either.

Sketchnote Stuff

I’m going to make a concerted effort next year to get better at sketchnoting, and The Sketchnote Handbook and The Sketchnote Workbook are going to help me do just that. Mike Rohde has crafted some great books, worthy of any bookshelf. And he’s just funded a notebook for sketchnoters as well!

I started a profile at that I’m going to update frequently. It showcases what I use for making videos and podcast, what I use to write and keep productive, and more. You can visit (and follow) my page here.

There you have it. I’ll be updating this page on an ongoing basis as I find more goodies that can be gifted to the productive people in your life. Who knows? You may even get some things that you’ll find productive.

Thanks for visiting this page. Happy (and productive) shopping!

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