Gone Fishing Again

Spending time offline for much of the past week or so has allowed me some time to reconnect with a lot of things, and perhaps the most fitting of these things is the essay within an app known as Fish by Robin Sloan.

I’ve “gone fishing” more than once (as in I’ve used this app more than once), and it really has given me food for thought when it comes to how I approach liking, faving and loving things on the Internet.

For example, I don’t do linked list posts very often here (rarely is more like it) and the meaning behind Sloan’s essay are a strong reason why I don’t.

In fact, a post by my friend Stephen Hackett regarding one blogger’s response to his book brought Fish to mind once again as well.1

As I dwell within the stillness of The Yukon, giving Fish another read was well timed and well placed. If you haven’t read it yet (and you have the iOS device to use the app), I highly recommend that you do.

It’ll make you really thnk about how you use – and share – Internet things.

1 While I agree with the blogger’s sentiments, I disagree with the generalizations. You can read my thoughts on Stephen’s book here.