Here…Not There

This week I’m visiting my old stomping grounds of Southern Ontario with my son on a brief (yet much-needed) trip.

So if you’re located in the Hamilton-Brantford-Toronto area and want to hang out sometime before Sunday, I’m game to do so. I’m currently plotting out my week, so drop me a line and let me add you to the plotting.

My brain is kind of messed up from flying through two time zones and into a third (from Pacific all the way to Eastern) – although usually it’s going west that causes problems. Then again, with a toddler along with me and my whole night owl thing in full effect, I shouldn’t be surprised.

Oh…and if you haven’t listened to the latest Mikes on Mics, we chat once again with C.J. Chilvers (although we don’t dive into what’s on his Mac this time around).1 It’s a great little chat, and you can get it over at the 70Decibels podcast network site right now. (And you might as well subscribe to the podcast while you’re there.)

Now…to bed.

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Photo credit: I like (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

1I only bring up Mikes on Mics because I will be drinking tons of Steam Whistle while I’m here. Sorry, Mr. Schechter…but it has to be done.