Sunday Quickie: My IdeaWave Love Poem

This is what came out of my head and onto a small piece of yellow paper during Dvora Levin’s1 IdeaWave talk “Everyone Can Write a 3 Minute Love Poem” presented during the first day of the conference. She provided the template, and we were to add our own modifiers during the process. Her template is in colour; my modifiers in non-colour:

To me, you are a corkboard.
Holding reminders, pinning my hopes and dreams, pliable and utilitarian.
Thinking of you I feel like I’m on top of all that I have on the go.
I will use you infinitely, keeping you close so you will feel irreplaceable.

I gave it to my wife. She thought that it was…okay.

1 Dvora needs a website…just saying. I’d have put a link here if she had one that was readily available. (If she “comments” me with one, I’ll put it in. Honest.)