iOS Only

I’ve left my trusty MacBook Air at home for the first time ever while traveling.
It wasn’t an easy decision, but it wasn’t as difficult to make as I’d thought. Why? Because I’d completed all of the work through Monday that absolutely required me to have an OS X machine. I can do a great deal with my original iPad (even still) and my iPhone 4S, so I decided that I could do without the Air.

That means I get to tote a smaller bag (my sorely under-used booq Taiban) and I have a real chance to see if an “iOS only” workflow is doable. I doubt I’ll be less productive with what I’m bringing along, with my original ZAGGmate case keeping my typing speed at full tilt and the ideal apps installed to boot.

I’ll have two versions of my personal task manager with me in OmniFocus (the same goes for Asana) and my writing won’t suffer with both Drafts and Byword installed on both devices. With Poster set up on both devices as well, my regular publication schedule won’t be interrupted either.

I don’t use my iPad for social media, but my iPhone is good to go for that stuff — which is more than ideal for what I’ll be using those networks for at Macworld|iWorld and during The OmniFocus Setup.

So going without the Air shouldn’t be that much of a concern — although I’m sure I’ll find out either way. I’ll fill you in on my findings as well.