JoCo: A Thank You Letter to Jonathan Coulton

On my blogroll page, I mention several people who have had a positive impact on me over the past few years. I say this about Jonathan Coulton:

Then, there’s Jonathan Coulton.

He is a truly inspiring guy who responded to a letter I wrote to him when I was thinking “career shift” back in my Costco days. He made me promise not to have my wife kill him based on his encouragement to make the shift.1

Furthermore, when I interviewed him way back when for Eventualism, he changed the lyrics in the chorus to Code Monkey to incorporate my little girl’s name in the chorus after we concluded the interview. She loves that song. She likes his princess one better now, but back then it was all about monkeys of any sort.

This is a guy who followed his passion. More of us should be like him.

Way to go, JoCo. You pretty much rock. And when I sing “You Ruined Everything” to my one year old son Colton as I put him in his crib for bedtime, he seems to think so too.

1I’d like to think “Still Alive” is based on that, but it’s probably not.