Laurel Resting

There’s nothing wrong with resting. Everyone needs to rest. It allows you to come back fresh and do really great stuff.
There’s nothing wrong with comfort. Everyone needs comfort. It allows you to focus less on what you are good at so that you can work to get better at other aspects of what can lead to, well…really great stuff.

But when when you do either for too long, the benefits of both are quickly overshadowed. That’s because when you get back at whatever it is you were resting from, you have to work that much harder in order to make a similar impact — or even just to catch up. In terms of getting too comfortable for too long, you have to get that much more out of your comfort zone so that you can stretch yourself and your work to new heights. In the end, you have to do more work because of the overage in the other areas that were meant to create the opposite effect.

So take the time to recharge, but make sure you don’t decharge.