Welcome Listeners of LEADX!

Thanks for listening to my interview on the LEADX podcast!

I recognize there was a lot to unpack during my episode so I thank you for checking out this page to learn more about how you can take what I shared and move things forward!

Here are two things you can do starting today (other than theming your time) that will move you forward in ways that really matters:

  1. Start a journaling habit (what I call The Daily Log) today. You can do it in Evernote (multi-platform), Day One (Mac/iOS), Journey (Android), or on paper. But start today!
  2. Begin to work through Daily Themes. Remember to start from your certainties and work backwards from there. Own the process and make it work for you!

As a special thank you I wanted to offer you a my Weekly Theming Guide package (audio and PDF) to help you start thinking about (and setting) up your Daily Themes.

Thanks again for joining me on the podcast…and thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll join me here in the future.

Now here’s a special bonus: it’s a free Weekly Theming Guide to help you start TimeCrafting with some guidance from yours truly. Enjoy!

– Mike Vardy

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