Making Better Days

Today is Canada Day. It is also the day that marks the midway point of the year (at least in terms of months).

It’s also a chance for all of us to look at the months gone by and figure out what we’ve done…and we what we haven’t. Better still, it gives many a chance to take a look at the rest of the year and decide what they can (and will) do with the rest of it.

I’m back to another month of reflection and recharging because I tend to start my year in September. I’ll be taking this month and setting myself up for the months to come, and I’m going to get a nice start doing that once againĀ at the World Domination Summit. I encourage you to do the same this month.

Map out what’s left of your year using the notion of an Idea Calendar (which is something I discuss in The Productivityist Workbook. Go through your task manager and toss out what you won’t do and focus on what you will. Really narrow your scope.

Take this month to prepare for the remainder of 2013 so that you don’t simply go about your days, but instead make the most of them.

Photo credit: irenaeus-h via SXC.HU