Managing Yourself

Today is, for the most part, a travel day for me as I prepare to head off to this year’s World Domination Summit in Portland. So rather than offer you something of my own here today, I’d like to highlight a series written by my good friend Raul Pacheco over at his weblog.

Raul may not be into productivity as much as I am, but he sure knows how to get stuff done. He has written an excellent series of posts called “Managing Yourself”, and it offers some great ideas on how to improve how you handle your most important asset: you.

The series was written over the course of several months, and may contain some things that have been discussed elsewhere (as well as some things that might not be right for you). But if you’re looking for a great resource on how to skip all of the fiddling and make stuff happen instead, this series is it.

Raul has written elsewhere on his weblog about productivity practices, so give the rest of a good look — you’ll find a number of these posts listed as “Related Posts” under each of the posts in the Managing Yourself series.1

1 He’s also written a response to the Tim Kreiger piece The ‘Busy’ Trap that I linked to a couple of days back — also well worth a read.

Photo credit: Piermario (CC BY-ND 2.0)