More Better

The events of this week (on so many fronts) have been absolutely stellar.
I’ve been connecting with people and connecting my words in ways I hadn’t done in a while – and in some ways –ever before. Perhaps I’m on a high right now in terms of having everything aligned and things just working out in my favour. Perhaps it’s just how I’m looking at things, with a completely different perspective. Perhaps it’s not as big a thing as I’m making it to be.

No matter what it is, I’m doing “more better” right now, and I was thinking that if I could share the things I’ve noticed during this phase, you might find you can get to “more better” too.

1. Less Social Media

Forget about my little Google experiment and the fact I haven’t used Google+ in a long time (by social media standards, at least). I haven’t waded into the waters of Pinterest, I rarely hit up LinkedIN and my usage of the ones I do use (Twitter and Facebook) has slowed.

And I’m getting a lot more done in the process.

When I do send out something via Twitter, it has some depth to it. When I interact on Facebook, there’s a sense of curation attached. The intention of using social media to spread my work/life/whatever as opposed to making it my work/life/whatever has shifted even more so recently to the point where quantity is lessened and quality is…well…”more better”.

2. More “Being” Leads to Doing

I have been writing up a storm this week. Whether it has been writing entries here or fleshing out my book(s) or editing and contributing elsewhere, I am laser-focused on being a writer more than ever. I think a lot of that has to do with validation for sure, but I also think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I have finally fully adopted the mindset of a writer. Further to that, I have the mindset of a writer who wants to have ongoing success.

Because I’m being a writer now more than ever, I’m doing more writing now more than ever. I can;t think of anything “more better” than that.

3. Conscious Choosing

All of the above has either was bred by or has led to more conscious choosing on my part. I am more deliberate in action and with how I choose to spend my time. I am more aware of when I can do something and know damn well when I can’t. And the “can” and “can’t” components are less of a factor than the “will” and “won’t” factor at this point.

I think about all of this is the same respect as I do to driving a car. You’re taught to look as far down the road as possible when you first learn to drive so that you can get a better sense of all that is going on around you now and what could be coming up on you later. It’s all about safety. You need to look ahead to make sure you can safely proceed – or you’ll be caught off guard and then there’s trouble.

But as you become a more experienced driver, your scope narrows. You start to do other things while driving, which forces you to scale back on the scope of what you’re really supposed to be doing: driving. That’s when accidents happen. That’s when you miss a turn because you didn’t change lanes far enough in advance. That’s when you lose sight of where you’re going and only deal with where you are.

Right now, I’m seeing the whole road ahead. I’m a new driver again, but with a lot more experience and skill to navigate with. I’m able to adapt – change lanes if you will – because I’m looking far enough ahead. I am avoiding obstacles that may come across my path because I know where I want to go and want to get there. I’m not necessarily driving at full throttle, but I’m looking ahead at full throttle.

And because of that, what I see ahead is even “more better” than where I am right now.

Photo credit: Ramon Rosati (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)