On Not Writing

There are days when a writer simply doesn’t want to pick up her pen, strike a key or say a word that will wind up forming something much longer.
There are days when the drudgery of the day keeps the muse at bay.

There are days when you can attempt to beat resistance, but you don’t have the energy to pick up a weapon to fight it.

And that’s okay…not writing is okay.


It’s when those days start stringing together into weeks, start happening in series, create pregnant pauses between what’s been written and what will be written next – that’s when it’s not okay.

Yesterday was one of those days. Today was almost another.

With the attacks on my good friend, the lack of a caregiver due to illness (ironically happening on a day where I posted about said arrangement at one of my newest writing avenues, Stepcase Lifehack) and an inbox that just won’t quit, it took all I could to do today what I didn’t do yesterday.

I’m glad I did.

I’ve got a podcast to get up by the end of the day, another to host live and several other obligations to finsih up before the day draws to a close. Beating resistance in the “now” will carry me through to the “then”.

I’ll not not see you here tomorrow, where my journey continues.