Parallel / Series

People seem to avoid productivity systems because they don’t like systems. Because systems generally only work when you make sure that every part of it works. So if you’re “doing GTD”, then you need to do every part of it in order for it to be effective. And for GTD to be truly GTD, that is true.

But you know…you don’t have to do GTD.

You can do something else. You can take the parts of GTD that make sense to you and make your own system out of it. You can take your own way of doing things and make that into some form of system. And since it’s your system, you can make the rules. You can make it so that not every part of the system has to be in place in order for it to work.

You can complete a circuit in series and not in parallel…or you can complete a circuit in parallel and not in series. And since it is your circuit, that’s totally your call.

You’d probably have an easier time adopting a productivity system if you knew that you could do it your way, and not the way. So why not do that?

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to how you do things.

There’s just doing and not doing.

Photo via: Connecting LEDs in Parallel