Episode 221: Recommended Listening: Safe for Work

Every once in a while I find a podcast that piques my interest because it is either related to my own work or is just a fun listen. This podcast offers both of these things. Check out a quick teaser of Safe for Work, a podcast brought to you by Wondery.
Justin Kerr climbed to the top of the corporate ladder before reaching age 40. His book, entitled How to Be Great at Your Job takes the guesswork out of career success and breaks down what it takes to excel at your job. It covers the basics, like the universal requirements of every workplace—working with other people, making stellar presentations, communicating effectively over email. And it also goes into how to get promoted sooner, impress the people high up on the corporate ladder, and do it all while maintaining your personal life and without working crazy hours. With helpful tips and simple advice, this professional guidebook is just right for someone new to the workplace or for a mid-life career changer.

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