Episode 257: Emotional Time Management with Paula Mosher Wallace

On this episode of the podcast, I spend time chatting with Paula Mosher Wallace. We spoke about the emotional component that needs to get considered when you’re trying to manage your time. It’s something that Paula feels gets cast aside in a world driven by the pursuit of productivity at all costs.

I met Paula at Jeff Goins’s Tribe Conference and we spent a lunch break learning more about each other, something that led to me asking her to join me on the show. We touch on several of the discussion points we brought up during that lunch break but go deeper into things than we did on that day.

Talking Points

  • Paula shares her experience with productivity in business and her personal life
  • Why (and how) Paula challenged me on my methodology and philosophy of TimeCrafting
  • What Paula believes the “missing piece” is to most – if not all – time management systems
  • When and where does the emotional time management piece come into play if one’s day was mapped out
  • We look at strategies that you can use to keep going even when emotional turmoil shows up
  • Why does Paula think people fight off their emotions when it comes to this kind of thing?
  • What Paula recommends people do to get started with taking emotional time management into account
  • The importance of finding whatever you need to use to help you keep your intentions front and center
  • What’s one thing that someone can do right to get started with emotional time management?
  • The things you can do to help you either work through or offset the toll that emotions can have on you
  • Does Paula journal…and what are her thoughts on journaling?

“It’s understanding that I have long term and meaningful – kind of what I call ‘eternal’ goals – like my relationship with my children that is not a task.”

Paula Mosher Wallace

You’ll find that I thought we’d be wrapping up this episode at about the 30 minute mark but Paula and I kept going. This episode is definitely more of a back-and-forth conversation than I usually deliver. I was so involved in the conversation because I feel the piece Paula is bringing to light is that crucial. Honestly, the big takeaway from this episode is that taking and making time to take emotional time management into account is important. Really important.

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