Episode 278: Keeping Productive with Francesco D’Alessio

This week on the program I’m joined by a guest I’ve been looking to chat with for a long time. Francesco D’Alessio runs Keep Productive, a YouTube show dedicated to helping people find the most suitable productivity software for their work and life needs. From helping decision making to curbing switching, Keep Productive is passionate about helping you make long-term decisions about your software.

I remember the days of keeping up with all the latest and greatest productivity news and app updates. There came a time when I decided that wasn’t going to be in my long-term plans, so I moved away from that kind of content (for the most part). Francesco, however, is another story. He loves doing exactly that: sharing all the productivity news and app-related content as possible, as evidenced by his extremely popular YouTube channel. During our discussion we get into why he enjoys producing content around apps and productivity news, how he maps out his content plan, and so much more.

Talking Points

  • Francesco shares his “productivity origin” story
  • This is what Francesco looks for in an app that he showcases on his YouTube channel
  • What does Francesco define as productivity news? How does he decide what to share?
  • These are the tools that Francesco actually uses
  • We talk about the way forward with transitioning between apps that avoid friction and promote flow
  • This is what Francesco has used in the past and he shares why he moved away from them
  • What about paper?
  • We discuss Francesco’s content workflow
  • How does Francesco deal with content that can become dated?
  • Francesco shares THE productivity app that you should keep your eye on

“Tools are going to change you marginally… but it’s really the approach and the methodology that matter.”

– Francesco D’Alessio

It’s always gratifying to talk with someone as enthusiastic about productivity as me, and it’s not very often that I get to “geek out” about apps since I’ve largely moved away from creating that kind of content. That’s why I really enjoyed this conversation with Francesco. He knows his stuff and he’s a rising star in the productivity space. I can’t wait to see how the rest of his journey unfolds.

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