Episode 290: Creative Menopause with Chase Reeves [Recorded LIVE at The BIG Ready]

On this special episode I’m joined by Chase Reeves LIVE at The BIG Ready to talk about many things, including something Chase calls “creative menopause.” Chase co-founded Fizzle.co — the first education platform designed for modern indie entrepreneurship — as well as the Chase Reeves YouTube channel, where he makes 60 minute reviews of backpacks that somehow people love watching.

When I asked Chase to join us at The BIG Ready I knew that having him record a live edition of this podcast was the way I wanted him to present. Chase has a natural gregariousness that simply fit this model, especially in front of a live studio audience (of sorts).

We talked about productivity, his journey from Fizzle to creating a YouTube channel where he shares his insights and ideas on bags of all shapes and sizes, creativity, and much more. It’s an engaging, entertaining, and endearing conversation that I’m certain you’ll get a kick out of. You may even learn a thing or two!

Talking Points

  • Why did you choose the word Fizzle for your business?
  • Chase talks about if he taps into or uses willpower at all in his life and work
  • What was so promising to Chase about switching to do YouTube and bag reviews?
  • How important is sitting with questions for Chase?
  • Chase touches on letting go of things and how that can lead to moving on and making new things
  • This is what the word BIG means to Chase
  • How important is patience when it comes to work and knowing when to stop?

We’re constantly stepping in without certainty.

– Chase Reeves

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