Episode 312: Curating Your Life with Gail Golden

This episode of the podcast delves into the concept of curation with the author of Curating Your Life, guest Gail Golden.

Gail Golden, MBA, Ph.D., is the Principal of Gail Golden Consulting, LLC. As a psychologist and consultant for over twenty-five years, she has developed deep expertise in helping businesses to build better leaders. Her experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, and consultant to senior leaders of both Fortune 1000 and non-profit organizations informs her approach to executive selection and development.

We focus on the idea of curation – something we are both keen on – and also discuss mediocrity, her thoughts on managing time, her views on comfort, and more.

Talking Points

  • How does curating your life allow you to have more balance?
  • Gail offers her take on mediocrity
  • How do you know when it is time to re-evaluate and change what your priority is?
  • Gail talks about her views on wanting to escape the comfort zone
  • What is one simple action someone can take to start this process after they pick up the book?

Don’t manage your time, manage your energy.

– Gail Golden

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