Episode 317: The Analog Way with Jeff Sheldon

On this solo episode of the podcast, I’m doing something a little different: I’m hosting a guest. Jeff Sheldon joins me on the program to talk about simplicity, productivity, and the story behind Analog.

Jeff Sheldon is the founder and designer of Ugmonk, a brand focused on creating and curating thoughtfully-designed products. Jeff launched Ugmonk in 2008 as a creative outlet to design products that he wanted to wear and use. Now over a decade later, Ugmonk continues to expand its collection of well-designed objects and clothing and attract a passionate following from around the globe.

Jeff and I spend a lot of time talking about his Analog venture – which is something I’ve been experimenting with for several weeks as of this recording. We also talk about design, simplicity, the importance of flexibility, and much more. I’ve been a big fan of Jeff’s work for some time and I’m glad I am able to share our conversation with you on this episode.

Talking Points

  • Jeff explains what he does… and what Ugmonk is
  • Did Jeff expect the Kickstarter campaign for Analog to blow up like this?
  • What made Jeff think that this product was useful for you… and that he should share it with the world?
  • Jeff talks about the Analog “card signals”
  • Jeff talks about his design study background and process

“It makes you prioritize… okay, I no longer can keep adding to my list because the hours in the day will run out before you can get to all them.”

– Jeff Sheldon

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