Episode 326: The Power of Process with Justin DiRose

On this episode I’m joined by Justin DiRose, a productivity expert and remote work consultant from northern Minnesota. He has a passion for becoming better, the distributed workforce, being a great dad and husband, and music.

Justin hosts one my favourite productivity podcasts out there: Process. Justin discusses the realities of how personal productivity, software, systems, and technology impact his life throughout each episode and those are some of the very things we touch on during our conversation on this episode.

Talking Points

  • What are some things that Justin has noticed evolve throughout the years in the productivity community?
  • Justin talks about what led him down this path
  • What are some tools that have helped Justin be more thoughtful about what the correct things to chase are?
  • What does Justin think some roadblocks that people who are trying to adopt a bigger sense of productivity have?
  • Justin suggests a book that everyone should read and why it impacted him so much
  • This is one thing Justin shares that you can do today to help with your productivity process?

Not just focusing on the tasks, not just focusing on the projects or ideas I have there but also focusing on ‘What am I experiencing? What am I feeling?’ Because a lot of times those are things that are causing me to lose focus, lose attention.”

– Justin DiRose

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